Circus workshops

Circus skills with Terry Circus… …is a hands on, feet on, skill acquisition fest as children are inducted into the once secretive and elite world of circus.

Available for festivals and events, primary schools and artist in residence programs.

Not only will participants safely gain new skills in balance and manipulation, they will be empowered by them and know how to improve these skills and acquire others. Most of all, though, the workshop sessions are immense fun for children and adults alike.

Learn to juggle balls, scarves and rings.

Fly the Chinese spinning top, the Diabolo.

Spin a plate on a stick, balance it.

Balance a feather or broom stick.

Balance on a rolla bolla.

Control the Chinese devil sticks.

Walk tall on hands free circus stilts.

Learn acrobatic balances and pyramids.

Beginners to advanced.

Requirements: A Large space with a tall ceiling. Gym mats if needed for acro balances. A carpeted area for some of the activities is recommended but not essential.



Christine Carew, Yinnar Primary School, 2007

My kids want to write to you, so we will do that next week, but just to let you know that you have received ‘rave reviews’ from parents, teachers and kids. Some of my kids even cried themselves to sleep because they were so sad that it was all over!!

I actually had a very sound sleep because it was all over. Thanks Terry, you did a lot for students self images, a lot for teachers sense of how they should lead children, and an incredible ‘lot’ for bringing joy…..

Report on the Circus Workshop By Emily Harrison, (Age 9, Yr 5 Lara Lake Primary School)

On Sunday the 26th April the CHIP Family Support Group Geelong held a Circus Workshop at Highton Primary School.

Terry Cole was our presenter; he was very encouraging, engaging and funny. Terry used to be a circus performer, his experience allowed us to heaps of fun as he guided us through many circus skills. The skills included: 2 and 3 person Acro-balances, spinning a plate on a stick, balancing a peacock feather and then learning to juggle step by step! First we got the feel of  throwing one „ball? from one hand to the other easy, then co-coordinating throwing two „balls? getting there, lastly trying to “juggle” three balls. I had no hope! After these

activities, we were supposed to have a ten minute break. However everyone was having so much fun that no-one stopped for the break and we all revisited our favorite activities. About four Mums? became obsessed with juggling, but by the end they had juggling figured out!

After the supposed “break” Terry introduced walking on stilts! When each child stood up on stilts for the first time, many different gasps of awe mixed with fear were heard! After we overcame our apprehension and took on board Terry?s advice, we all grew 30cm instantly as we were walking about independently!

It certainly wasn?t the ordinary way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or the usual things to do in a school classroom, it was definitely the most fun I?ve ever had in a classroom! On behalf of all who attended, I would like to thank Terry for giving up his time to teach us these skills.