A troubadour of the highest order.


* Will unicycle,


* walk on stilts,


* juggle anything from raw eggs to fire,


* play music on any one of a dozen instruments,


* model balloons


* and make merry with old and young alike.




Most of all he’ll tickle your funny bone and keep you laughing or applauding or both. A must have at Christmas break-ups and big or bigger events. 15 years national and international experience at Festivals and corporate functions.






Deakin University Open Day Aug 07.

Just a quick thank you for your involvement and participation at Deakin’s Burwood Campus Open Day. The colour and energy you brought to the day, really helped to liven up the day. Many people engaged with and were entertained by your various acts and we were also impressed by your improv dance performance (on stilts no less) with our African drumming group. Trevor James Dean, Event Coordinator