About Terry


Hi and welcome to the website of Terry Cole.

Terry is a Melbourne based Circus Performer and musician. You can have a look at his different acts by selecting from the categories to the right.

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About Terry…
Terry Cole is an accomplished actor, director, musician and circus performer. He is a long term member of Circus in a Suitcase and the Famous Fratellini Brothers and is also an inspirational workshop leader. Terry has many years of experience as a performer and is well-known and loved for his work both as a multi-instrumentalist singer/musician and as a multidimensional circus performer.

A short sample of some of Terry’s many performances include:

* World Expo, Brisbane

* Australia Festival, Istanbul

* Fruit Fly 10th Anniversary Circus

* Robertson’s Circus

* Moomba Festival

* Port Fairy Folk Festival 1995-2006

He conducts Artist in Residence programs and performs over 300 shows every year.